2017 Digital Kite Museum

our museum and book nook- digitized!

check out the archived kite memories, map, and more! 

Connecting to the Past  

We created the Kite Museum exhibit to locate the festival within the living, breathing history of kite flying in Detroit. We wanted people to be able to connect with the past as well as to add their own voices and memories into the unfolding story.


The exhibit included the Kite Tales station and Memory Map, the Detroit Free Press article display boards, and a collection of photo books.


The Book Nook was a comfortable and shady spot to rest and browse the book collection.

Have a Kite Tale you want to share? Send it to us and we will add it to the Memory Map!
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Check out these articles about kite-related events and experiments published by the Detroit Free Press (the earliest one is from 1896)!