Detroit Kite Festival uplifts kite flying and creation as a platform for radical inclusion, communal play, shared healing, and the celebration of culture and history. 


Uplift Community

Kites are a simple platform for bringing people from all walks of life together. We hope that kite making and flying can help to continue the strong sense of community Detroit has. 


Inspire Creativity 

Kites can be used to teach about design, physics, culture, art, and so much more. We hope playing with kites can encourage tinkering, thinking, and making. 


Encourage Play

Child-like play is perhaps the best activity to bring people together. Playing, for people young and wise, encourages imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Playing helps us interact with the world around us. 


Celebrate History

Not only do we hope to continue the tradition of kite flying in Detroit, we hope to showcase kites from around the world. Kites have a place in almost every culture across the globe. We hope to celebrate the history of kites across different cultures and through history.